I decided to make a quick photoshop tutorial about some of the basics and ways to be more efficient with PS. ================= IN THE VIDEO —————– You’ll learn: 1) shorthand keys 2) Linking more than one pictures Song: Maybe Someday by Jyongri ================= I’ve been using photoshop for about 6 years I think and I first started out with Photoshop 5, which was back in the days and finally worked with CS2 two years afterwards and used it ever since. So from all those years, I’ve found many ways to make graphics and artworks efficiently. Though I wouldn’t say that I know completely everything since I’m always learning new ways to spend less time, but make decent looking graphics. If there’s anything that you would like to ask how-to do, I’ll see if I can show you a quick easy way to do them if I know how. Hopefully you all learned something new from this video =] ~

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