A little bit of history

Canvas has become the most common support medium for oil painting, slowly replacing wooden panels between the 14th and 17th century. The preparation of the canvas itself has gone through many changes and manners as well as the painting techniques. The most common technique is definitely oil, but during the 20th century, the emergence of photography and reproduction techniques inspired artist to work faster and produce multiple edition of a unique work. Serigraphs, photo transfers and print on canvas started to awake the interest of experimental artists. New attitudes soon became forms not only for art but also for advertising and design. Famous pop artist Andy Warhol for example blurred the distinction between those fields. He had a very avant-garde mind, but still has produced a lot of his famous pictures on canvas.

A very flexible medium.

Pictures on canvas are being also used for art installation, sometimes combined with video projection, reflecting the fugitive character of images in our contemporary world.

From the very long process of oil painting to short processes like canvas print, the object it self keeps its standing. It reflects values in a traditional sense. Presenting his picture on canvas, the artist give to its matter an acknowledgement. In interior design a canvas picture simply has class, and its quality is moreover up to its natural materials: a cotton canvas stretched on a wooden frame remains like a good base for the environment.

Canvas pictures faces Internet

Since Internet market has terribly increased during the last decade, printing industries are more and more required. Pictures on canvas are now largely being printed with a process referred to as giclée. Actually, there is more pictures on canvas being produced today as in the 18th century! Indeed, these affordable canvas pictures are still produced on high quality level, and they are being delivered everywhere in very short period of time. As it represents kings and emperors before, pictures on canvas celebrates in its form a certain image of democracy.

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