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Wedding photographers are now able to take advantage of traveling light and having the ability to use creative lighting.  Wedding videos are the record that you will have for a life time that documents that momentous time of your life.  Wedding photographers have traditionally consumed about 10 percent of the entire wedding budget.  Wedding Photography and Wedding Video have changed in style and technology in the last 10 years.  Wedding photography can be taken in black and white, color or both.


Photographers also carry back-up equipment in case their primary equipment fails, which adds to the cost of the wedding photography prices.  Photographers must also insure their own camera equipment.  Photographers know that if they choose a high f-stop, such as ƒ/16 or ƒ/22, they can expect great depth-of-field with much of the foreground and background in focus.


Digital cameras have enjoyed improved quality over the past several years.  Digital wedding photographers have been known to take up to 3,000 bridal images on a single day.  Digital printing can be done on an inkjet or color laser, but the latest photographic papers from Kodak and Fuji have alife-span of over 100 years.  Digital cameras, as anyone who uses them knows, require great amounts of power, particularly if you use the built-in LCD screens.


Brides on a budget are looking for anywhere they can save money on their weddings.  Certain effects are going to impress some people, especially a bride and groom who may not be trained in photography.  A seasoned photographer will know whether a wedding is organized based on a bride’s preparedness for their meeting and whether there is a Wedding Planner.  Get to know the bride and the groom, understand their needs and wants.


Businesses have expenses and they take hard work to build and maintain.  Business: Provide good wedding images without leather albums.  The strategies vary, but the motives are usually the same: gain more business by emotionally drawing in an audience.  A successful wedding photographer is a successful business person and knows about marketing inside and out.  Learn the skills required for running a wedding business including technical and compositional know-how and related skills.

Wedding Photography is my passion and I feel that everyone deserves high quaily professional wedding photography at an affordable price.  Wedding photography is the art of capturing pictures related to a wedding.  Wedding photography is a unique combination of every type of photography.  Remember that wedding photography is an art.

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Digital Photography allows you to create the picture you want every time. If a certain photograph is not how you perceived it, you can always adjust it later in Photoshop. However, this attitude can also make you lazy, and prevent you from realising your full photographic potential. It is always best to get the image as close as possible to what you want, when you take it. Then any after-shot manipulation will be minimal – and used to enhance an already excellent shot, rather than to repair a disappointing one. A reliable photography course online will teach you how to do this.

Bear in mind that most modern cameras are easy to use, allowing the photographer to focus on important aspects of the picture, such as composition. Utilising Automatic Modes on your camera allows you to almost point and shoot to get a decent image. But is decent good enough for you? In Auto Mode the camera will provide you with its interpretation, which is not always what you want. If you want to take truly stunning images, you need to control your camera. A course will show you how to confidently master Manual Settings to achieve powerful photographs time and time again.

With just a little training it is quickly possible to produce professional-looking results. Understanding basics, such as how to hold your camera and picture composition, will have a massive and immediate influence on the standard of your images. But a reputable photography course online won’t stop there. Your training will include: –

* How to take relaxed, natural and confident portraits
* How to use lighting creatively
* How to take successful shots at night
* How to use composition to make your pictures artistic
* How to capture stunning black and white images
* Where, when and how to take sweeping and breath-taking landscapes.

So – imagine you were taking your shots with a film camera. You would ensure you got it right every time. Keep this mindset when you take a digital photograph and you are using every advantage. One, your image will already be as close as you could make it to perfect. Two, any post-production actions will be improving an already great shot. And three, every image you take will be enhancing your own photographic skills. A photography course online will teach you the habits you need in order to think, see, and create images as a real photographer.

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Candid photography is by definition taking pictures of people when they are unaware.  Part of the fun in photography is catching your human subject’s off guard so that your pictures have more emotion.  Photographers who work for magazines, like Time Life, have been able to get candid shots of their subjects.  I think most of us can remember the black and white photographs of Africans and others giving rise to more emotion from the viewer.  Taking candid shots may appear easy although there are few techniques in the photography world that will make the candid shot worth more than just a snap shot of friends.

First and of course most important is to keep the subject in view while they are not paying attention.  The next step is training your eye to catch the moment.  You have to be able to move fast, but with design.  You need to have your camera set for the picture before you are even aware you will take the photograph.  The best way to do this if you have a digital or automatic camera is to keep it on the proper setting.  Manual cameras take moments to focus and can loose the candid shot if your subject becomes aware of you.

Candid photography relies on the light; however, you may not always get to choose the angle.  The angle could be where you are standing at the time.  As a photographer of candid photography, you know the importance of choosing the best angle at the right moment that is possible.

The entire point of candid photography is to gain the unguarded moments of a person’s emotions, whether it is tears, happiness, love, or other emotions.  While it is true, you need to have light, angle, and a good camera to catch the shot it is more important to observe.  Most photographers are trained observers.  Their eyes will wander over the crowds, landscape, or other setting searching for the perfect shot.  They will always have a camera ready.  It can be extremely hard when you are taking photographs of your friends because they tend to be more involved in the conversations or activity.

The key to taking candid photographs of your friends is to draw them away from the fact that you carry a camera.  If they forget you carry the tool, they are more likely going to act natural.  Some friends tend to pose in front of the camera while others will shy away turning their backs when you get ready to take a photograph.  Knowing your friends will help you find the best way to take candid shots without their knowledge. 

Observing, having the camera ready, and understanding the basics of photography will yield you better results when you try for a candid shot.  Posing or turning away from the camera will take away from the shot you hoped to attain so hanging to the side or a little ahead can get you the shot you may need.  Profiles make great candid shots because the person will not realize you are taking a photograph until you have already clicked the button.  Candid photography can be one of the most rewarding arts of photography, but also vexing when the subject is aware of the camera. Always remember the camera when going out with friends.

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