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I met a young man last April who came to Maui for the summer and ended up extending his break for another semester. He was having a great time, exploring the island, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving, hiking in the crater of Haleakala, our dormant volcano, camping and hiking in the rainforests of Hana, and of course, enjoying the beach and the spectacular Pacific sunsets. To top it off, he lived in a house with 4 house-mates from his school that was right on the ocean side of Front Street in Lahaina. Needless to say, this is a popular place for barbecues, beach volleyball and parties!

He had an “awesome” digital camera and recorded all of his adventures in pictures, which he stored on his state-of-the-art laptop computer. He had literally hundreds of pictures and videos of beautiful sunsets, friends enjoying good times, spectacular pools and waterfalls, you know, just all of the great things that a vacation on one of the most beautiful places in the world has to offer.

Near the end of his 8 months here on the island, after a party that went well into the early hours of the morning, he woke to discover that his laptop had been stolen from his living room. He was really ticked about the violation of his personal space, and aggravated by the loss of his personal property.

But, he was ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED from the loss of ALL of his photographs and videos of his stay on the island. You see, he had no backup system, be it flash card, CD, DVD, whatever. He didn’t have them stored anywhere else but on his computer. They were all just GONE in an instant.

That got me to thinking about how I’d feel if I lost all of my photos: family, my son at the various stages between 0 and 20 years of age, places I’ve traveled on and off of Maui, before-and-after home project photos, etc. I realized that I should back up my photos, at least, not to mention all the other valuable information I keep on my computer.

I looked into some of the methods out there, and discovered online digital backup. There are many advantages to this method because it will protect you against loss whether it’s human, as in error, stupidity, laziness or crime. But, in addition, there are forces of nature that can threaten the security of your computer documents. Storms, causing flooding and power outages, electric company blunders or problems that cause power surges, earthquakes and …I’m sure you get the idea. Another thing is that these natural disasters can threaten even backup media if they’re stored in the same vicinity as your computer.

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If you find anything on your skin that looks like it shouldn’t be there and which you can’t identify, skin cancer pictures can help give you an idea of what you’re looking at but they cannot replace a medical consultation. Any anomaly you find on your skin that you can’t identify should be seen by a doctor. If you do some basic research on skin cancer, you’ll know what questions to ask.

When you have an understanding of the symptoms, you need to perform regular skin self-examinations to detect any possible skin tumors early on. This is similar to a breast examination. You should check all over your skin, including on your scalp and between your toes, using a wall mirror and handheld mirror.

Look carefully for irregularities during your skin self-examination and keep an eye on any you find. Early detection of skin cancer is possible because the first symptoms appear on the skin, but a skin tumor may look like a rash, mole, or sore. If you fail to have skin cancer treated early, it can metastasize, spreading to other parts of the body and creating additional tumors, possibly threatening your life. Any possible symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible; you cannot diagnose skin cancer yourself.

Melanocytes are the cells which pigment the skin, located between the dermis and the epidermis. These cells can mutate to form benign growths known as nevi or moles, or can become melanoma, a form of cancer. Moles are extremely common; the average person has between 10 and 40 moles. Having an especially large number of moles or having dysplastic nevi, or irregularly shaped moles, is a risk factor for melanoma. A doctor can help you determine your level of risk for melanoma and what you can do to detect it early. You need to watch for any changes in number or shape of your moles, and keep a close eye on dysplastic nevi. A change in size, shape, color, or the health of the surrounding skin may indicate melanoma and any such changes should be evaluated by a doctor immediately.

The surface of the skin, or epidermis, is made of a layer of basal cells covered by a layer of squamous cells. These cells may become cancerous, forming squamous or basal cell carcinoma, the two most common types of nonmelanoma skin cancer. A nonmelanoma tumor may have a less striking appearance, looking like a small lump, rash, or sore which doesn’t heal. Any skin problem which doesn’t heal should be evaluated by a doctor.

The best way to catch skin cancer early is to regularly examine your skin and ask a doctor about anything you can’t identify, but skin cancer pictures can be used to help you determine which skin irregularities require immediate medical attention.

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So you’ve been looking at girl tattoo pictures. You might be thinking of getting one and once you find a design that you like, you’ll hope to get exactly what you see. Yes, tattoos on girls can look absolutely beautiful. There are however, a couple of considerations that you would have to look at before you get yourself inked.

Making the Decision

Getting a tattoo is not a decision you should easily make. This is especially true if it is your first time. You have to think long and hard about your decision because a tattoo can change your life. Here are some questions you should ask yourself first before you get a tattoo:

– Is this something I really want? You can never underestimate the value of this first major question. Some may consider getting a tattoo to please someone else. Do consider though that a person you may be trying to please may not hang around for a long time. Do you honestly want to carry a reminder of someone who just doesn’t matter in your life anymore?

– Am I a shy or daring person? You may think this question is unusual but it actually matters. There are various places where you can decide to place a tattoo. Your personality however will determine where you should place them. If you want to be discreet then you can pick body areas that can be covered when you want to.

– Am I ready to face possible criticism? Those online girl tattoo pictures may look cool. In reality though, many people have had to deal with various opinions from other people. Tattoos may be growing in popularity but some people still see women with tattoos in a negative light. You have to be ready not to care about criticisms.

– Am I ready to say forever? Finding the perfect design is crucial. This is because a tattoo is something that you can’t take out when you grow tired of it. Even when your tastes and preferences change, your tattoo will stay constant. You have to be absolutely certain that you are willing to live forever with your chosen design.

Finding a Design

Tattoo designs are everywhere. You can get inspiration from books, signs you encounter and just about everything else. It is always best though to get your design from expert designers. Your tattoo artist may have his own gallery of designs that you can choose from. Online galleries however are nearly always more comprehensive. An online gallery can hold thousands of categorized tattoo designs that you might want to consider. Make sure you pick a design you know the significance of and is personally meaningful to you.

Finding an Artist

A good design is nothing without a good artist. It is therefore of utmost importance that you pick an artist who can execute a design well. Aside from the design, artists also usually take the body part to be tattooed into consideration. Not all artists for example can tattoo the feet well. Make sure you get an artist who is both comfortable with your design and body part.

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