This video was captured for educational purposes using Moroz Video Capture program. This video demonstrates Cool Button Designer 7.1 and its features. Cool Button Designer is an application that was developed by Alexander Moroz and MRZ MEDIA. It is very powerful when it comes to create a web button in no time, and very easy to use. Cool Button Designer can be used by anyone. No technical knowledge or special designing skills are required.Cool Button Designer comes with many videos walkthrough to get you going very fast. Cool Button Designer 7.1 and up has an auto updater integrated feature, that will make sure that you have the latest version of Cool Button Designer. Cool Button Designer is like GOLD for the beginner web master. It will save your time and money,because it is designed in mind oriented for Web or GUI buttons. Let’s see some of the most important features incorporated into this amazing software: – Allows adjusting button size, color, border, custom texture, custom shape, as well as selecting pre-build shapes. – Allows adjusting light position, size and color. – Allows adjusting text font, size, color, position and pre-build effects. – Allows to set custom url to the button. – Allows saving buttons as templates for future use. – Generates HTML button animation code for the web masters. – Allows exporting custom made button in png, png transparency, jpg, bmp graphical formats. – Cool Button Designer supports every major windows platform, including Windows XP

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