When it comes to photographers selecting their subjects, flowers are right up there in popularity. But is there a market for taking and selling flower photography? How do you take a good shot in the first place? How do I go about selling my photography? These are the questions that thousands of photography enthusiasts are asking. There often comes a point when your shots get to a standard where relatives and friends are saying “they’re great, you should sell them”, and they’re not just being courteous.

So what do you do? Where do you go from here?

If the thought of selling your photos is an attractive option, then this is the EBOOK for you.

My name is Paul Hamilton and I’m a photographer living on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Photography always started out as a hobby for me. I was inspired by the Lik’s and Orme’s of the world. I started taking photos at the age of 29. My first camera was not a digital camera. I must admit the expensive process of getting film developed, as I was beginning to learn, was incredibly testing and stifled the learning process. However, it was not long before I got my first digital SLR and although it was expensive, it became a magnificent investment, not only financially, but creatively as well. It is the same digital camera I’m using to this day! What a difference from the film developing process. I could shoot at will, learn immediately, and adjust to the feedback I had just received. My learning curve exploded. This is where I learnt the most, just me and my camera. As I look back on this time, I realise that the digital age had allowed me to learn faster. It fostered my imagination and worked with my “lack of patience”, an attribute I have never had in abundance.

I’m not sure when the hobby turned into much more, but it happened rapidly. In the past 5 years I have sold over 5,000 greeting cards and numerous canvas and photographic paper prints. I currently sell to design companies across Australia as well as continuing to sell to the general public through my website www.paulhamiltonphotography.com.au

To say it has been an easy process would be a complete lie. It has taken a great deal of time and energy to find my niche and to develop positive relationships with key figures in the design industry. I never set out to make money from my hobby. It was escapism from my 9-5 job that was the motivation. A creative outlet I hadn’t been in search of for a very long time.

This book will not sell your photos but it will give you the awareness and know how to give people the opportunity to see them and it will also give you the resources to allow people to buy them. This book is about sharing my experiences and hopefully giving others a structure for taking their art to the next level. It is about learning from my mistakes and speeding up the process, however, in the end it is you and your photos that will ultimately determine your success. Your ability to sell yourself and your name will leave an undeniable imprint on the success you have as a photographer.


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