Putting pictures on canvas is a special art form which requires the right equipment, good quality ink and the latest printer. While many people are unaware of the process it takes to put pictures onto canvas, the fundamentals will be explained in this article.

Turning pictures to canvas is one of the latest trends in artwork technology. Artist and the art savvy have used this method for the past 30 years to preserve original art and for mass art reproduction. It wasn’t until the last 10 years that transferring pictures onto canvas really became a popular form of artwork among the general public and interior decorators.

Pictures on canvas are just as much an art as the artwork itself. It requires the intricate care of ensuring identical replication of artwork and/or digital pictures. Ironically those who are unfamiliar with the technique may describe the process much like making a photo copy of pictures onto canvas media. The truth is the process is more technical and requires professional services.

Choose your Digital Image

The first step is to determine what type of picture or digital image you want on canvas. Pictures on canvas has unlimited possibilities and as long as the image can be scanned into a computer it can be transferred to pictures on canvas art.

Depending on what type of picture you want to convert on canvas, whether its patterns, photos or computer Jpeg, BMP or Gif images they can be turned from pictures to canvas art. Basically any image can be used and for whatever reason.


Browse the gallery for patterns and sizes

The best part of customizing your pictures to canvas artwork is you have a wide variety of sizes, patterns, and textures. Unlike enlarging a picture to hang as wall art, where the picture itself can be distorted due to it size; putting pictures on canvas media will not distort the images based on size rather enhances the images in greater detail.

Before placing your order to turn your pictures to canvas artwork, you should browse the canvas designer’s gallery to get an idea of what sizes and patterns are available. Since most canvas designers will have a gallery of their original artwork, if you’re not sure that you want yours pictures onto canvas, you can choose from an assortment of pre-designed pictures to canvas artwork.

Upload your Image and Order

Once you have selected the pictures whether pre-made or from your own personal photo album, the final step is to upload your pictures, select the size, colours and canvas styles. Typically your order should take a minimum of 7days however depending on your locations, your pictures onto canvas artwork delivery times many vary based on postal services. The best thing about customizing pictures onto canvas art is your artwork is delivered ready to hang. Basically the only thing you have to do is hang it on your wall. Creating pictures to canvas artwork is that simple.


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