It is important to find a cooperative photographer for your daughters or sons senior portraits. This person should have excellent track record on portraiture photography and also must have very good attributes such as willing to share his talents and right attitude. More importantly your son or daughter being comfortable with him. So the under mentioned 5-steps if you follow you will not go wrong:

1. Select A Understanding Photographer

Always find a photographer who is prepared or willing to understand your personal traits. He should know that every person is a unique individual so the expectations or end result out of senior portraiture may be different. As such the identified photographer, must be willing to go the extra mile to get to know you better in terms of the precise things which you expect out of the occasion. Also it is essential to know that the final outcome is exactly what you expected.

2.Be prepared to share the experience

Select someone who is prepared to share his talent with yourself instead not as tradesman who wants to sell it. More specifically, you have to find a photographer who is willing to give the your photographs without charging high prices or without insisting you to purchase the copyright version released by them.

3 Break the rules

Always find photographer who will break the rules or go beyond norms or willing to experiment. As you know many photographers are stereo typed and will the norms of photography to the book. They do not want to think outside the box or try out different posing, lighting or exposure. Only talented photographers will be prepared to violate the norms and turn out the unique image or certainly to capture your exact personality.

4. Have enough time

Find a photographer who is willing to spend significant time with your portraiture session. You will find many photographers who wants to do a quick job and allowing very limited time for changing clothes and sessions. In other words, selecting a photographer with high patience is important. He should understand that normally anyone will take some time to get comfortable when posing in front of a camera. In essence, he needs to have patience and give you sufficient time to settle down.

5. Easy Going

Find a photographer who is happy go lucky man or willing to make the session an enjoyable one with you. In other words, making you comfortable right throughout the session. He should not only realize that your senior pictures not only an important day to remember but also you have to pose like a model. In essence, through out the entire session you have to be comfortable and happy as well.

If you follow the above steps you are certain to find senior portraiture photographer who will be a matured and willing to make this occasion a happy event of all participate. It is your event take control of it from the very beginning so that you will get what you want finally.

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