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Easy Photoshop tutorials in steps. If you’ve seen my previous tutorial,you might know how to make basically glitter ,and can continue to this.Learn how to make amazing animated Glitter Graphics the limit is your imagination.In this tutorial you leatn how to glitterfy parts of an image or a photo,glitter text and also animated glitter graphics. 3 tutorials in one Songs:Razon de Vida,Quando Tu fuego me quema,Tremble Artists:Baby Nory,Zammy,Nichole Nordeman

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Jan Easy tips on using the Replacement Tool. Find more easy Photoshop tips when you click on the link!

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Want a free iPad or iPhone 4? Visit: Don’t have much Photoshop experience? No problem. Follow these easy tutorials on how to digitally modify your car in Photoshop. This tutorial covers the following: – Lowering the vehicle – Changing the colour – Adding a carbon fiber hood – Adding vinyls and decals – Changing the rims ** EDIT: YouTube made me take off the original song playing in the background which was Stronger by Kanye West due to copyright reasons. The song playing now is Never Leave by Seether.

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