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Photo by and ©Jeff Cable

The holiday season is always a busy time, full of shopping, decorating and making family plans. It’s a good idea to make your picture plans and get your camera ready …

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Pictures on canvas make great holiday gifts, wedding gifts and other anniversary gifts. If you are having a hard time deciding on what to get a bride and a groom, if you have been invited to a high class party and you have no ideas for a gift, if it is your 50th wedding anniversary and you don’t want to give a gift similar to the one you gave 30 years back, then you should consider pictures on canvas.

You can print pictures onto canvas to give as a gift on your own or you can have the many emerging print houses to do it for you. Each option had its pros and cons and the advantages of having a print house to print pictures to canvas for you is that the quality is higher than if you had done it yourself because those doing it are trained professionals and you can get ideas from the designers on how you can improve the print, ideas that you would not have had if you had done it yourself. The disadvantage of using such companies to print pictures onto canvas is that the personal touch that you would have added is not present and that you end up spending more than you would have had if you had done it yourself.

An advantage of giving printed pictures onto canvas as gifts is that you can wrap it around the frame to mimic the wrap effect used in art galleries. This will make it very presentable when you are giving it away.

Another advantage of giving pictures on canvas as gifts is that you can eternalize important memories and moments and no painting – not even one by Da Vinci, can have as much effect. You should therefore choose the moment you want to eternalize very carefully for maximum effect so as to avoid instances where the recipient looks at an artwork that they do not particularly like everyday just to prevent hurting your feelings by removing it.

Any decision to put pictures to canvas will produce gifts that are considerably cheap compared to gifts with similar impact on the recipient. This is because these prints are classed together with paintings and sculptures and many people do not actually know the difference. Good sculptures and paintings are very expensive since the artist has to spend a lot of hours and effort to produce a painting or a sculpture. Another reason why you should consider these prints for gifts over paintings or sculptures is that because they are cheap, it is a safe bet and you can wait and maybe one day it will be a collector’s item. If you buy a painting, for example, which is much more expensive for a similar purpose, the recipient may end up dying with the painting still in the basement.

A strong argument for giving this form of art during holiday or anniversaries is that it is fit for any holiday or anniversary, from Christmas to thanks giving and every holiday in between!

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