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In the digital photography, the green screen software is a computer program which enables photograph enthusiasts to make creative and innovative images. It enables the users to bring the realms of imagination into reality through this technology. You can create Harry Potter fans by handing broom to the children dressed in black robes and photograph them in front of a green color background. Make your subject a giant, dwarf or invisible with the latest technology. You can create wonderful pictures for magazine and photo shoots with this kind of photography. It is also used for portrait photography, film making or for news anchoring.

How to use green screen software?

It is a computer program which can edit not only video but also your pictures. You only need a good quality green or blue color cloth as the background for the subject. These colors are specifically used as they are farthest from the human skin tone. There are no chances of these colors getting entangled with the skin tone of your subject. Proper lighting is also essential in this kind of photography. It eliminates shadows and glares on the face or clothes of the subject. You can shoot a few pictures which you want to use as the background image. Place a camera on the tripod in order to avoid any kind of movement of the camera. Use a high quality camera which gives a clear focus and picture. Photograph a subject from different angles and in different poses. Finalize the picture you want to use for keying and then replace its background with any image that you have decided to use. A good tool can mask the background image well. There are tools which can offer you to use visual effects in the picture. One can also use the sound effects to create emphatic and impressive images or videos.

These computer programs are useful for professional and amateur photographers. They are used for creating magazine covers, modeling, portrait photography and much more. Even the photo enthusiasts can create mind boggling images and videos using the state-of-art technology. Teachers can explain concepts in a better manner to the students and arouse their interest in any kind of subject.

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With the innovation of latest technology, the digital cameras are coming to the market with advanced features and a compact design. In this 21st century, the digital cameras are coming to the market with a compact design. The Compact digital cameras are coming with a small and portable shape. These are as powerful as the normal digital cameras. There are cameras available under this category which are much more smaller than the compact digital cameras, these are known as sub-compacts or “ultra-compacts”.

These cameras are very easy to use and equipped with lots of easy to use feature. These sophisticated cameras stores captured photo in lossless compression – JPEG format. Maximum cameras are coming with a low power built-in flash which can be used for capturing nearby subjects. The live preview in the display unit helps a lot to frame the photo properly. Sometime it has been seen that the display units have limited motion picture capability. Apart from that, it also been noticed that the compact digital cameras often have macro capability. But these cameras come with a higher depth of field which allows to sharply focus the object within a large range of distances from the camera. That’s why these are best suitable for casual and “snapshot” use.

There are various type of compact digital cameras available in the market. Such as, cameras for capturing video, digital single lens reflex, sub-compact and standard digital cameras. These category of compact digital cameras have done on the basis of their features and the functions they perform. Some of these cameras record videos with sound simultaneously besides capturing photographs. Nowadays there are few compact digital cameras that reported to have excessive pixels. In these cameras, the sensors are very small and for that reason the resolution of the sensor is greater than the lens.

Most amazing feature of these gadgets are their capability to transfer photo wirelessly to other devices and computers. Apart from that, the cameras build with USB port feature which also helps user for establishing a better connectivity. From the above discussion it is quite clear that the compact digital cameras are the ideal combination of advanced technology and high-tech features. These are the ideal cameras for those people who wants to posses a high quality and very handy camera.

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If you have a brand new digital camera, but know little about photography, where should you begin? Before you begin snapping away, it is a good idea to read through the manual that came with it, as you will undoubtedly learn how to use your equipment properly. Unfortunately, whilst this will get you up to speed on the technical aspects of how your camera works, there is one vital missing ingredient – how to take great photographs. This is where a photography course online will be of huge benefit.

The manual shows how to press the shutter and get a picture – but does not show you the skills required to compose and create images you will want to review time and time again. Lets’ face it – if you have invested in a decent camera (or someone has bought it for you) isn’t it worth also investing some time to learn how to make the most of it? Taking an easy to follow online course is a sensible investment of your time and money.

Two identical cameras may appear the same from the outside. However, put them into two different hands and the results will vary to the extreme. Wouldn’t you want to know the easy to learn insider tricks that can make your photographs stand out in comparison to your peers? You would be startled to know how simple it can be to apply techniques that will quickly make your photographs move from amateur snaps to professional looking images that will amaze your family and friends. Be honest – you wouldn’t buy a piano if you were not going to learn how to play it properly – why should a camera be any different?

So, if you decide to take a photography course online, what sort of skills can you hope to attain?

* How to use rules of composition to make your photographs interesting to the viewer
* How to “see” like a photographer, so you can spot photographic opportunities that others would not even notice
* How to produce professional looking images in under two weeks
* How to take sweeping landscape shots that truly inspire your audience
* How to take wonderful wildlife shots, and absolutely amazing images of nature’s plants and flowers
* How to get really up close and personal with macro images
* How to take portraits that allow the subject to appear confident, natural and relaxed
* How to take advantage of the seasons, whatever the weather
* How to control your camera – so you influence the results, not the camera.

This is just a small selection of the skills you can expect to learn when you follow a suitable photography course online. You may be surprised the difference a little effort and application can make to your photographs. In this digital world, it is easy to assume that modern cameras are so simple to use that good photographs will surely follow. In reality, this is not the case, and basic photography skills still need to be mastered, and applied effectively, if you want to produce images that you will want to look at for years to come.

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