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In this video i will show you how to play Nintendo 64 games on your computer using Project 64. Project 64 download link: Visual Boy Advance download link: Where to get the games: Winrar download link: If the link above didn’t work then try here: Visual Boy Advance Instructions: Basically you do the exact same thing you would if you were downloading Project 64.

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Many times when we take a brilliant photo it does not turn out exactly as we wanted in the end result. This is where photo editing software comes into play. You are able to right some wrongs that may have occurred to your photographs. This however doesn’t mean you can change the whole photo all together, however with software such as Photoshop, it makes it possible for you to include people who weren’t there into the picture, or even erase others who were.

When using your photo editing software it is important to known that the work can never become completely perfect but you can get close. However don’t linger to long trying to correct things which might already be perfect the way they are because you might just over do it and end up having a different photo all together.

When learning how to use your photo editing software it is wise to use the tutorials that are given with the software depending on how you got the software. Most digital cameras come with their own software which is better because you don’t have to go looking for software and end up with fake software. If you don’t get the software with the camera search for it on the company’s website you will probably get it there.

The good thing about the software is that you can tweak the photos to your hearts content. For best results make sure you have saved the photos as RAW image and not in jpeg. Fix an otherwise spoilt photo to what you want it to be like.

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