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In this video I’m showing you how to create a member logging area design using photoshop you can download sample psd file also More video tutorials at –

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Photoshop CS3 Premium Learning Suite buy cheap

Photoshop CS3 Premium Learning Suite AIO DVD included programs (Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe LightRoom Full 1.0) and videos (Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials, Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training)

Photoshop CS3 is the first update to Adobe’s flagship image-editing product in more than two years. Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials is an introductory course with bestselling author and video trainer Deke McClelland and teaches topics, such as navigation, color correction, resolution, and retouching. Exercise files accompany the tutorial. Ready for more Photoshop CS3 training with Deke McClelland? Check out Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics and Photoshop CS3
One-on-One: Advanced Techniques.

01.What Photoshop Can Do
02.Setting Up Shop
03.The New and Improved Bridge
04.Basic Color Adjustment
05.Shadows, Highlights, and Midtones
06.Image Size and Resolution
07.Cropping and Straightening
09.Replacing, Retouching, and Editing
10.To Be Continued
Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training
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Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful new photographic workflow application designed to help photographers expand theircreative potential. Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training is all about using this revolutionary new tool to its full potential. One of the main challenges of photography is dealing with the sheer volume of images that result from each shoot. In Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training , instructor and professional photographer Chris Orwig explains how browsing, organizing, and adjusting images in Photoshop Lightroom dynamically improves photo management, processing, and presentation. The training empowers photographers to establish a more effective and creative workflow so they can
focus on what it’s all about–the photo! Exercise files (full resolution raw files) accompany the tutorials.


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2 PS CS3 For Dummies

3 Sams Adobe Photoshop CS3 In 24 Hours

4 Adobe Lightroom For Digital Photographers

5 Lightroom Getting Started guide


Photoshop CS3 Certified Plugins

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