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Today I went to interview a professional wedding photographer for my wedding occurring next year, and it sparked an idea to share my experience with my readers. As a wedding event planner, why not provide some wedding photography tips and a wedding photography checklist to help another fellow bride with her wedding?

I think it is important when you are researching a professional wedding photographer to let your groom in on the experience. (Based upon the fact that he’s interested!) My fiancée happens to be a professional photographer so he has a vested interest in this part of the wedding.

Therefore, take a look at different photographers’ portfolios, ask your friends, relatives, your wedding event planner for references as well as research online at various wedding sites that offer suggestions and wedding photography tips when you are first selecting your photographer.

Next, go and interview your potential photographer like I did today (well, I didn’t really interview Michael since I have worked with him as a wedding event planner on other weddings)! It’s important that you and your fiancée are comfortable with your photographer so that you will look relaxed and happy in your pictures no matter what happens at the party.

Discuss with your professional wedding photographer what type of pictures you are looking for.

* Do you want wedding portraits or journalistic-styled pictures?

* Do you want black and white and color shots?

* What type of wedding photography package do they offer?

Prior to the meeting, you should create a wedding photography checklist to help you focus in on hiring the right type of photographer for you and your fiancée.

Other wedding photography tips to think about include providing the photographer with the name of your other vendors, such as the DJ, wedding event planner and florist since many times they work together at other weddings and will talk amongst themselves as to what important shots should be captured that day.

Also, very important, well in advance of your wedding, create a wedding photography checklist for your wedding day. Remember to include and write down which type of family shots you want and who you want in them, ceremony shots, bridal room shots, candid pictures during cocktails and the reception and party shots to name a few.

Keep in mind where you’re getting married (indoors or outdoors) as well as the time of day. You want to make sure that your photographer knows the people you want photographed by face and/or name so you might want to consider making a facebook for your photographer. All of these elements are just the tip of the iceberg when you start to generate your checklist, and this is why you want to start early with your list and then continue to add to it up until your wedding day.

I hope you found these wedding photography tips helpful for when you start your selection of a professional wedding photographer. It is not only important to create a wedding photography checklist during the selection process but also one for the wedding itself. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun & economical to all!

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Your new digital camera is unwrapped and you’re ready for action. Time to find out how it works. There’s a “Quick Start” guide or the full manual. Should you be like the vast majority, you will go straight for the Quick Start, and the other book is rarely referred to again. Herein lies the most significant overlooked opportunity of most brand new camera users, and also the reason why it’s seriously worthwhile considering the suggestion of this digital photography guide; follow a photography course.

Nowadays, cameras tend to be so easy to use, that you could be pointing and shooting immediately. The trouble with this is that most new photographers don’t get to experience the complete possibilities of what they may achieve, even with a basic digital camera. It is very simple to assume that “real” photos (such as majestic landscapes or perfect portraits) can only able to be taken by those that do it for a living, or have invested years in education to attain qualifications. Nothing could be further from reality.

So, is this digital photography guide suggesting you now grab the full coaching booklet, and labouriously trawl your way through almost endless sections of techno-babble? No way – sure the guide provides you with information concerning which setting to use in which scenario etc. However the one thing it’s not going to explain to you, one ingredient that is absolutely essential for professional looking pictures, is how to take a great photo. By this, I mean the composition of your picture.

You may have the priciest DSLR, but unless you know the secrets of wonderful photos, yours will look basically average. However, simply by using a handful of easy to follow techniques your pictures can go from mediocre to astonishing, winning over your relatives and buddies. Taking training doesn’t have to be expensive either.

And so what type of know-how could you acquire from taking some fundamental training?

* Precisely how to use any digital camera to obtain professional looking images

* How to take powerful Landscapes that inspire

* How to take sharp and magnificent night images

* How to go from snapshots to beautiful artwork – so great that people would actually pay for them

* The best way to take loved ones and pet portraits that flatter each and every time

* How to notice shots that most people wouldn’t normally even think about – to help make your pictures stay ahead of the crowd

* How to effortlessly take stunning black and white photographs. It can be absolutely remarkable how a simple monochrome picture may be much more effective compared to its full colour equivalent

* How to use the conditions to your advantage – regardless of whether the weather is cold or hot

* How to take total control over your digital camera – so that you decide the ultimate results…not the camera

It really is worth thinking about following a proper course, a digital photography guide that may quickly take your photos to another level. It is surprisingly easy to do, and you should discover that within just a few weeks the exceptional clarity and composition of your photographs will impress you, as well as your friends and family.

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Skilled photography consists of many fields such as photography for documentation, merchants, services and industries. Skilled photography practices tend to spread larger than the relatives portraits studio. The result of a skilled photography service should be equal, consistence and well processed. Photograph in studios, newspapers, advertisements and even other business companies occupy skilled photographer to create productions of photography.


Reliable, qualified results describe skilled photography. A skilled photography is able to create images through creative lighting patterns. Apparent, quick images which combine with color and diffusion become the character of skilled photography.

The work and affectation should look so lovely. The display of the subjects, focus on exact background and even foreground elements which should be visible. Another one is, color coordination, the combination of shapes and harmonizing of texture should be apparent. Especially, the images should look so natural, and interesting, not to look so monotone and boring.

Imaginative expression may split with these methods. Therefore, the photograph must be focused on, get intrinsic impression and has been practiced with procedural need. These compositions can be categorized as skilled one. In this case, the intensity of qualified photography must be flexible with the artist.


Skilled photography services and also the other compositions related to art itself should present the customers a further confirmation about the value and reliability. Higher demands from the customers happen when a skilled photographer is cooperating well with the qualified photography itself.


Inspiring interest, production, modeling, complexion and accurate look are the choices must be suitable and owned by a skilled photographer and also photography service. Skilled photographers that present digital services can apply photo editing software in order to take out the marks through the backgrounds or combine with many photos together. The color photograph can be highlighted, change black and white, sepia toned or perhaps partially highlighted.

A good assurance, well arrangement photographs can be created by a skilled photographer. A standard camera user ca not create such a constant results, or suggest many imaging choices which have been owned by skilled photographer.


The photographers’ photograph collection people, pets, and other objects. Photojournalists documentation events for news and other Medias available. The photographers’ document record turn many times depend on the photographs. The cooperation of the photographers in advertising and marketing toil with the photographic companies for the display of the companies’ best products, services and feature.

Photographers’ style related to the models, hairstylists make up artists to make photographs for customers that variety from fashion to groceries products. A corporate document business of photographer growth creates photographs for annual reports, business promotional materials and does portraits of key business professionals.


The development and the change of skilled photography documents with a qualified product are able to produce memories by defending milestone and supplying illustration documentation for private, relatives, trading or good.

Expert Insight

Skilled photographers apply SLR, or single lens reflex, style cameras. Partially may apply the medium or large layout cameras when the duplicate of images will go further for domestic prints like billboards. The similar lenses are applied with the cameras to make a various looks in photography. Telephoto lenses let the skilled photographer to take the picture from far away. Another is wide angle lenses that let the skilled photographers to apply in tight atmosphere. Studio lighting, external flash units, backdrops and reflectors are also applied by the skilled photographers.

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