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Here is a great way to create text reflection using photoshop. I used CS4 but this will work with any version of photoshop. You can see more like this at

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Our February learning assignment was working with reflections. As usual, the About Photography readers came through and submitted fabulous images.

Congratulations …

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It’s a once in a lifetime relation that just cannot be ignored or allowed to be forgotten and forsaken in the vortex of time. The relation that you share with your pets is the one that only you understand. It is the relation that knows no boundaries, no limits and has no set parameters. You might be living in the comfort of family and friends and myriads of relatives, yet this one being called your pet is the only one that is solely committed to you and you only. It is this one being who would open his eyes and ears every time you have something special and secret to say. Something you cannot share with anybody else, no matter how close he is to you. Don’t you feel that this special relation needs a signature that would last for generations? Yes it does. And one way to do that is to commission a pastel artist who would do wonders to this relationship with a paint brush and a long lasting medium known as pastel colors.

The pastel artist would personally meet your pet and try to understand each and every aspect of his personality. If you feel to be a part of that painting then even that can be made possible. The only difference would be in the cost that would be a bit higher but still the most economical and reasonable. Another thing that might make the difference in the cost is the body structure of your pet is the structure of the fur as well as the number of people whom you include in the painting. A pet portrait is the most precious way in which you can get that relationship immortalized. And one of the most wonderful ways in which that painting can be done is by commissioning the pastel artist to do that painting.

The pastel artist is one person who can gauge the true extent and depth of this beautiful relationship that you share with your pet. An artist after all is one person who sees life as something that is colorful and full of bliss. He would put the same colors, bliss and warmth into that pet portrait and give your relationship the perfect compliment. The medium of pastel colors would make sure that this valuable compliment that you have given to your relationship with your pet is handed down the generations to make sure that the message of love and compassion remains alive.

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