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removing model from blue screen or green screen using the magic eraser in photoshop

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In the digital photography, the green screen software is a computer program which enables photograph enthusiasts to make creative and innovative images. It enables the users to bring the realms of imagination into reality through this technology. You can create Harry Potter fans by handing broom to the children dressed in black robes and photograph them in front of a green color background. Make your subject a giant, dwarf or invisible with the latest technology. You can create wonderful pictures for magazine and photo shoots with this kind of photography. It is also used for portrait photography, film making or for news anchoring.

How to use green screen software?

It is a computer program which can edit not only video but also your pictures. You only need a good quality green or blue color cloth as the background for the subject. These colors are specifically used as they are farthest from the human skin tone. There are no chances of these colors getting entangled with the skin tone of your subject. Proper lighting is also essential in this kind of photography. It eliminates shadows and glares on the face or clothes of the subject. You can shoot a few pictures which you want to use as the background image. Place a camera on the tripod in order to avoid any kind of movement of the camera. Use a high quality camera which gives a clear focus and picture. Photograph a subject from different angles and in different poses. Finalize the picture you want to use for keying and then replace its background with any image that you have decided to use. A good tool can mask the background image well. There are tools which can offer you to use visual effects in the picture. One can also use the sound effects to create emphatic and impressive images or videos.

These computer programs are useful for professional and amateur photographers. They are used for creating magazine covers, modeling, portrait photography and much more. Even the photo enthusiasts can create mind boggling images and videos using the state-of-art technology. Teachers can explain concepts in a better manner to the students and arouse their interest in any kind of subject.

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Photography is a form of art that expresses or imprints a photographer’s impression just like human senses leave impressions of several sorts of experiences on human mind. The art of picture making has made great advancements that one can now manipulate and customize the image as per the convenience or desire.

Green screen photography is a technique of replacing the background image of the subject by any other selected image. This effect is performed in such a way so that two images are blended together so that one image is made transparent and reveals the second image behind it. You can show your subject flying high in the sky or rapidly climbing the mountains. A photographer can even show the subject as a dwarf surrounded by skyscraper buildings. A person can even present an image of a giant in the town and among the people of only six inches. You must have also seen many movies or films in which the actor turns invisible. This is possible with the green screen effect. Television studios can create an image or a video when they have to broadcast weather news. The weatherman forecasts weather of the day of different regions by using this kind of picture making. It is for better demonstration as well as understanding of a target audience.

There are many tools or computer programs available in the market. These tools mainly work without the Internet connection. The offline tools provide a user with a number of different kinds of features. A person can not only replace the background image but also create all sorts of visual effects on the images. Some computer programs allow you to apply transitions and audio effects in order to make videos attractive as well as appealing. Many computer programs also provide background image packs with which you can customize either films or pictures. In this way, you can make your green screening easy as well as effective.

Art of photography is being practiced both at amateur and professional levels. With the evolution of green screen technology the whole scene has been changed. The no of free green screen software programs available over web has made it easy for pros and for amateurs as well.

You can use free green screen software to explore all aspects of green screen photography.

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