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Really there aren’t a lot of polite words I can use to describe my reaction to the latest “Consumerist” article on scraping up money for the holidays. In that …

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Here are some awesome DIY projects that you’ll probably never do yourself, but you’ll definitely appreciate anyway. Plus: Is this Photoshop or not? The answer might surprise you.

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Contact dermatitis is a skin inflammation caused when the skin comes in contact with foreign substances. They can be allergens or irritants, so we have two types of contact dermatitis: allergic and irritant. If you think you have one of them, you want to compare your symptoms with contact dermatitis pictures. However, diagnosing is not that simple.

The symptoms of contact dermatitis include redness and itching, but the condition can come along with other signs, and add that to the fact that the severity of symptoms vary from person to person. So, as you see going to a doctor is a must if you want to make sure you have contact dermatitis.

The visual symptoms of contact dermatitis, can be easily mistaken by the unexperienced eye. There are other skin conditions that can look very similar even to a doctor. In these cases of complicated diagnose, a biopsy may be ordered to better determine the type of dermatitis, and patch treatment may be of further assistance to help establish whether this is a case of allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis.

Pictures of contact dermatitis found on the Internet can also show us extreme cases of contact dermatitis. There is really not a rule about how this skin condition should look, it can be only redness, or it can show signs of infection.

If you find you have contact dermatitis, you will need to keep away from the trigger of the condition. It can be difficult to determine your own trigger, and it always is good to keep in mind the substances we have been in contact with for the past few months.

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