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Getting the perfect wedding portrait is a headache for many. With the wedding knocking at the door, the family faces utter confusion on getting the perfect wedding portrait. The best solution is to hire professional Toronto Wedding Photographers if the family is not acquainted with anybody with great skills of photography. One of the best solutions is to get in touch with Babylon productions. This is an ace wedding photography company.

Having been in the business for close to three decades now, Babylon Productions has evolved down the ages as one of the most reliable companies. Babylon Productions has some of the best Toronto Wedding Photographers who are especially trained to take Toronto wedding video and Wedding Photography Toronto. They know exactly which angle will look best and have all the technical know-how about getting the perfect wedding pictures. Babylon Productions makes use of the latest technologies in photography, to make the photographs as natural and beautiful as possible.

Babylon Productions provides Traditional and Photojournalistic Styles while taking Wedding Video Toronto and Wedding Photography Toronto. The use of black and whites as well as candids is also seen. Babylon Productions is based in Toronto and caters to people in and around the place. Their experience in the industry has enabled them to know the tricks of the trade. They handle each Wedding in Toronto with utmost care and make sure that the most special moments of the occasion are captured through the lenses.

For getting the perfect wedding portrait, Babylon Productions has options of digital photography and videos. Babylon Productions guarantees superior quality pictures of high resolution that can be customized according to the needs of the customer. Hiring videographers and photographers from Babylon Productions is affordable and easy on the pocket. They not only take photographs but also assist in getting them printed and framed in the most suitable frames. They make CDs and DVDs of the Toronto Weddings taken on the wedding day.

It is often noticed that the families of the bride and the groom forget to arrange for Toronto Wedding Photographers in the rush of the wedding. Babylon Productions need not be notified many days in advance. Just a few days before the wedding, they can be contacted. They have a meeting with the family and chalk out the people who have to be photographed.

Besides providing photographers, Babylon Productions also has special services through which they arrange for the Wedding DJ Toronto or a live music band of the couples choice. Wedding Limo Toronto and sound and light systems are available. Prior to the wedding, Babylon Productions can be contacted to design and print the wedding cards and then get it distributed. The wedding cake from be booked through Babylon Productions as they have tie-ups with various bakeries. Wedding planners are available from Babylon Productions. Babylon Productions is slowly taking the shape of a Toronto Weddings management company where people can get all the required facilities under one roof. The budget of the wedding can be mentioned and Babylon Productions will accordingly make all the arrangements. The utility of Babylon Productions does not end with the wedding. They are known to arrange for honeymoon trips in exotic locations.

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Wedding photographers are now able to take advantage of traveling light and having the ability to use creative lighting.  Wedding videos are the record that you will have for a life time that documents that momentous time of your life.  Wedding photographers have traditionally consumed about 10 percent of the entire wedding budget.  Wedding Photography and Wedding Video have changed in style and technology in the last 10 years.  Wedding photography can be taken in black and white, color or both.


Photographers also carry back-up equipment in case their primary equipment fails, which adds to the cost of the wedding photography prices.  Photographers must also insure their own camera equipment.  Photographers know that if they choose a high f-stop, such as ƒ/16 or ƒ/22, they can expect great depth-of-field with much of the foreground and background in focus.


Digital cameras have enjoyed improved quality over the past several years.  Digital wedding photographers have been known to take up to 3,000 bridal images on a single day.  Digital printing can be done on an inkjet or color laser, but the latest photographic papers from Kodak and Fuji have alife-span of over 100 years.  Digital cameras, as anyone who uses them knows, require great amounts of power, particularly if you use the built-in LCD screens.


Brides on a budget are looking for anywhere they can save money on their weddings.  Certain effects are going to impress some people, especially a bride and groom who may not be trained in photography.  A seasoned photographer will know whether a wedding is organized based on a bride’s preparedness for their meeting and whether there is a Wedding Planner.  Get to know the bride and the groom, understand their needs and wants.


Businesses have expenses and they take hard work to build and maintain.  Business: Provide good wedding images without leather albums.  The strategies vary, but the motives are usually the same: gain more business by emotionally drawing in an audience.  A successful wedding photographer is a successful business person and knows about marketing inside and out.  Learn the skills required for running a wedding business including technical and compositional know-how and related skills.

Wedding Photography is my passion and I feel that everyone deserves high quaily professional wedding photography at an affordable price.  Wedding photography is the art of capturing pictures related to a wedding.  Wedding photography is a unique combination of every type of photography.  Remember that wedding photography is an art.

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Reportage Wedding Photography is still thought by many to be a recent trend in wedding photography. In fact it has a long heritage and was often called candid photography in the context of a wedding. Seen by extreme traditionalists (a rare breed now) as a new fad, it was felt to threaten the supremacy of the medium format camera with its staged shots and posed set ups.

In the old style, photographers always had a big camera set up on a tripod and even a hood over the head of the photographer. This very formal and very posed art of portraiture was born, like so many of today’s cultural norms, of technological limitations. Way back when, photographic technology required long exposure times, long winded plate or film changes and “keep still” poses. Fast 35 mm film basically solved this problem, again with certain limitations. Lighter cameras holding rolls meant that photojournalistic techniques could be applied to wedding photography.

The game changer was that wedding photography needed no longer to be posed. Wedding Photography could now become Reportage Photography. Precious moments, unrepeatable in a pose are only possible with the participants being unaware that a camera is in use. Fast film offered this to a degree, although the fastest film was ISO 1600 or 3200 and were very grainy. In fact the grain produced by fast film (which enabled action freezing photojournalism in low-ish light) became a signature “look” found in time magazine and other iconic journals.

Naturally, wedding photography started to borrow this look and start demanding the grainy black and white look. The grain is of course a form of visual artefact – a distortion of the truth in reality. Today’s technology now takes this several steps further with the equivalent of ISO 102,000 available on some machines. A shot at ISO 6400 is now considered routine – affording incredible reportage wedding photography options to the photographer – with no grain in sight.

At times the modern, digital wedding photographer is asked to add a simulation of celluloid film grain to otherwise pristine photograph. Although it can look great, it’s an intriguing fact of aesthetics that a photograph can seem more timeless and real with artefacts added to it.

Part of the maturation of Reportage Wedding Photography has be the evolution of the Wedding Album. Rather than present the married couple with a simple book with best pictures placed in order of preference, the wedding photographer’s task now includes the design and layout of a book that well tell the story of the wedding.Photographs are placed in a digitally printed book, in chronological order. Each photo relates to each other photo as part of a linear story, bringing vividly back the memories of the big day.


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