People do a living out of taking photos. As time passes by, the use of cameras have evolved making it more high tech and making it more functional. Nowadays, taking photos is no longer as simple as pressing the button to capture photos, but it involves a process, an art and a technique. A person smiling in the middle of the day can have more impact with the right use of light and manipulation of lenses. Taking photos have covered almost all areas of our lives. People take pictures of themselves in ordinary days. It has also taken parts in the major events of our lives, most especially weddings.

Wedding celebrations are unforgettable. It is one of the major events in our lives because it marks the beginning of a new life while sharing it with someone you love. While others dread to get married because it is such a big step, others are happy to do it because it practically marks the first day of spending the rest of your life with someone they love. Since this day is very symbolic, any person undergoing such event will definitely want to have this memory captured the best way it can be done.

Wedding photography is one of the variations in taking photos that is done on this special day. What makes it unique? The theme is all about love. It captures every moment that shows how love is evident in every couple. It is all about being together, with wedding gowns and suits, the wedding location and many more. People who have talent in photography have definitely made a business out of it because couples find it a necessity in their celebration. There is a high demand for this kind of service and with the latest technology; results are even better compared before.

Professionals now have various approaches in taking wedding photos. Traditional photo-shoots are most common. Typically, the bride and groom have already planned what shots they want to be taken on their wedding day. All photos are done formally with proper lighting and balance. Sometimes, subjects posed while proper leveling and balancing of formation is observed. Simply saying it is stiff compared to the other types. Sometimes, lights are manipulated too and posing is usually uniform. Another type is photojournalism. You will be taking no orders from the photographer. Instead, the couples can do their own thing and the one taking the photos will simply have to adjust on his own and take their best shots from their free-flowing movements. From the looks of it, it is indeed more candid. This is usually very fast because every significant movement done by the subjects are done spontaneously.

However, some wedding photography is totally new to us. They may look traditional at the same time photojournalistic. Sometimes, they have a dramatic effect to the viewer at the same time it can look very candid. It is different in a way that it creates stories for people to understand the events. Every pose that is unscripted and spontaneous, are taken and if you look at it, conveys a meaning. This is what they call the modern style or contemporary.


Because photography has made a big impact in our lives, it is made into a business to cater weddings. With the aid of technology, photo styles have evolved for people to have more choices in order to enjoy their photos. Anyone can choose from traditional, photojournalistic and contemporary styles.

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