Helpful Tips in Making a Wedding Video

The wedding of your sister is coming up and due to a tight budget you were tasked to take charge of the wedding videography. Having the basic knowledge in digital videos and owning a camera does not actually qualify you to do the best job. It may seem like a demanding task but you decide to take the challenge head on. It can be a nerve-wracking experience but being prepared can do wonders for you. Here are some useful tips that will surely help you improve your digital videotaping skills in a matter of days:

• Use manual focus instead of automatic

Although all cameras have automatic focus, it is recommended that you use manual focus if possible. It is for the reason that you will have to switch constantly from one a plane to another.

Using auto focus can be a great help most of the time but unfortunately it is not perfect. In situations like macro photography, low lighting conditions, portrait shots, shooting through glass and action photography, the manual mode is much better used.

• Use both hands in handling the camera

To accomplish having a steadier image it is important to remember to hold the camera with both hands. This simple tip is usually overlooked by beginners.

• Plan your video shots

Plan ahead of time all the events of the wedding so you will have a clear idea what you can shoot on your own or if you need more assistance. You need to be able to manage your time very well because you can never recapture something that has already happened. You should also have a video timeline. This means in your wedding footage you should all have the elements that are needed to complete the entire wedding video. These include an introduction, getting ready shots, the ceremony, and reception.

• Interview the couple

A good addition to the wedding video footage is to interview the couple separately. Oftentimes this part is undervalued. Do the interview before the ceremony starts while they are getting ready.

• Shoot extra footage

One common mistake of all videographers is not having enough material for the wedding video or they took only one shot of a moment that could have been extraordinary. Avoid this by taking as many shots as possible.

• Your movements should be smooth

You should keep your movements smooth and calculated so that the images will register unto the screen the same way.

• Match camera settings

To prevent color mismatch, make sure the white balance settings are identical. Exposure manuals should be set in maximum control.

These tips are only a few things you can develop to be prepared in shooting the much awaited wedding videography. Remember these helpful guidelines are just the basics for a beginner like you. It is still important to have lots of practice and to gain lots of experience if you ever do decide to pursue the world of videography.

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