Canvas pictures that you see in business offices and in many well decorated homes may look like an original painting but if you look a little closer you may find that the canvas prints are from photos. While there is absolutely noting wrong with having wall art that has canvas prints from photos, since many professional artists replicate their art and used photo to canvas printing techniques to achieve mass reproduction.

Canvas prints from photos is a security tactic used by some museums. This tactic consists of having a digital photograph of the original painting taken. Once the photos have been created it; it is scanned into the Giclee inkjet printer and an exact copy of the canvas pictures are created specially to be displayed in the original paintings place. Another reason for using canvas prints from photos could be the fact that the cost for Giclee prints is considerably cheaper than the original painting it came from.

The best part of canvas prints from photos using Giclee print methods is that you can customize your canvas pictures and create your own unique style. Basically you have a variety of canvas prints from photos you the picture you want, instead of pre made Giclee prints. Maybe you want to create your own montage of a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary. Maybe you want to create a family portrait from a photo. Canvas pictures created using the Giclee print technique have that capability.

Finally you may want to change the look of your homes decorum. You’re tired of all the overused themes many homes already have. Locating a canvas designer that offers Giclee prints as an option for your canvas wall art puts you in control of your canvas art pictures. The best thing about being in control over your own canvas pictures means your adding your own unique canvas art that give your home or office a distinctive feel of originally. Since you chose your own canvas prints from photos using Giclee prints means you can be certain that your canvas pictures will be an exact replica of the photos to include detail and colour.

The decision as an interior designer to use Giclee prints for your canvas pictures is to give your canvas prints from photos longevity. Other methods of prints and printer types may not provide the adequate components required to produce long lasting canvas pictures. Have you ever notice how some canvas pictures seem to fade or dull after exposure to natural elements? If so then you know that since the development of photos on canvas art the necessity to maintain canvas pictures over a period of time was one of the major components when Giclee prints was developed. It is because of the long lasting quality provided through Giclee prints that many professional artists use this type of print to mass produce art work.

If you’re looking for the best quality of canvas prints from photos, whether custom designed or pre-made you should always ask what type of prints will the canvas pictures have and make sure they are Giclee prints if you’re looking for the best quality.


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